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doing everything, or doing nothing?



Which? Why?


Is it better to ALWAYS be busy, keep the mind occupied, or slow down, quiet down, and create some empty space?

Or, is creating a balance – or just living a balance based on daily habits – the best option?

This is one of the main questions I’ve been grappling with lately. As part of my practice for a calm, centered mind, I’m attempting to slow down, not always be so busy. Each quiet moment with a monkey mind, plotting the next bit of busy-work I’ll do, or just plain being fidgety. Instead, some calm. Quiet. Some moments gazing out the window where I’m thinking about nothing much at all.

Here’s the rub: that quiet creates other thoughts, causes other ideas that grab my attention to arise. So is this a contradiction? By trying to be less busy, calm the “monkey mind,” am I simply creating more space into which new thoughts can crowd? Is it better just not to try or be so self-reflective about it, to just let the flow of daily life take you on like a ride atop a wave?

Is being unaware a better way to be, or is self-awareness (leading to a calm, relaxing sense of oblivion) the key?

We shall see, we shall see. 🙂