What to do?

When that old calm, zen-like feeling just doesn’t come as easily?

Nothing’s particularly wrong, you just don’t feel .. you know, zen.  Just kind of blah. Not relaxed and joyful. A little uneasy.

Tonight’s strategies:

– first,when I got home, went for a cliche: lit some incense and candles. actually started working right away, to increase focus and calm.

– popped open a bottle of root beer and just sipped it. didn’t do anything else, just sat for a few minutes and savored it. cleared my mind.

– put some good leftovers in the oven, and just sat and waited. didn’t skitter around the house, looking for things to do. just waited. ah.

And now I’m feeling good as new. just little things. adding up to a big calm, a realization that whatever was creating the blah (which frankly, I can’t even recall right now) is put to rest. ’til next time.


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