Detroit II Edition

Posted Wednesday, 10-15-08

Up at 4, and out.
Tired but happy this a.m.
BBC news on the radio
To pickup point by 5
Full moon
Erica on vacation
Justin instead
“Best Of” issue
Halloween treat bags!
“Best Of” survival kit, they call it
Huge paper bundles.
Get paid more, though
40 extra bucks
A 50 percent raise
More fun money, cash in hand
For next week
Getting used to the idea
Don’t have to go
Weeks without a paycheck
Bonus money comin in
White envelope every week
Only 73 of 103 bundles fit in the truck
Will have to come back.
Have learned to wear batting gloves
Protect the hands
Clothes not nice
To do this job
Dunkin Donuts
Omelet bagel sandwich & coffee
Corktown and Mextown first
Masonic Temple too scary in the dark
Backwards route I already know
Like the back of my hand
Signs already Dias De Los Muertos
Mextown peaceful and silent before dawn
Comforting Detroit Police presence
Parked, perhaps napping, on Bagley Street
Moving quickly through the list
Brooklyn Street Grill
Saturday’s breakfast
Staring happily at condos
Across the street
Hometown happy
Talking about our trip
Getting ready to go
Corktown stops
Ticking down
Back to Troy for 30 more
Baile Corcaigh, concentrate
Don’t let the truck roll down
The steep driveway in drive
7:30, here comes the sun
Detroit post office on Fort
Unload 9 bundles
Rivertown Condos
Where the rich folk live downtown
Gated & guarded
Quite beautiful, indeed
Private marina
Your boat right at your doorstep
How the other half lives
Wonder who that is here
Heard a rumor once, Rosa Parks
God rest her, not anymore
Hop on 75 back to Troy
Worked up a sweat, flushed cheeks
Blue Cross clock by River Rock
Only 55 degrees, hot blooded
McDonald’s for an 8 a.m. $1.00 iced tea
What? No regular tea at McD’s anymore?
Blech sweet tea, stop @ shell station instead
Obnoxiously bright blinking neon sign says
“Smile, you’re on camera,
Absolutely no soliciting.”
Back on freeway, back up north
Shit! Bad traffic
Somewhere about 14 Mile
Damned suburbs
Old Time Radio on ipod
The Horror!
“Cat Wife” on Lights Out
“I’m gonna get so far away
from that smug face of yours
I couldn’t see it with a telescope.”
Funny story about deception
And domestic violence?
Yes, & boris karloff to boot
“What are you staring at?
What are you staring at?
Back to the city
Zaccarro’s Market
Woodward Ave., Temple Street
Different places after daybreak
Backwards route has served me well
12 more stops, 2 miles from my house
Laziness & nap time coming soon
Real Detroit van chasing after me
Gotta get up
Pretty early in the morning
To catch this train
Dude wth a baseball bat on the corner
Swinging and spitting and swearing
Wayne State cops
What the hell?
Doing this downtown section later,
For safety, only in Detroit
Count on some enetertaining drama
Even at 9 a.m.
Waiting at the stoplight, he stares at me
Baseball bat guy, no longer doing
The swing-spit-swear
What is he thinking?
Witnesses gather, to point and talk
Telling him which way they think
The perpetrator ran
Turn on Peterboro Street, to COTS
Commission on Temporary Shelter
Never knew this was here
Hotline if you’re homeless after 7 p.m.
Super nice lady at the front desk
Woman walks in, from Tennessee
“I need a coat.”
She’s signed in at the desk,
And on her way.
Ask for volunteer info on the way out
And again on my way
The idea: provide homeless shelter
In these abandoned buildings
That dream’s come to life
In comfortable, dignified assistance
Masonic Temple, so not scary in the daylight
Cass Park looks downright inviting
Drug dealers and friendly drunks
Chased off like nocturnal rats
By the break of day
Church van drives around
Handing out brown paper grab bags
To the homeless on the street
Metropolitan Center for High Technology
Gorgeous inside – former Detroit glory
Wayne County Mental Health
(something that’s greatly needed)
So much glitter
Right next door
To so much squalor
A few more stops, and done
Detroit adventure over, for another week.


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