Return to Detroit Edition

Posted January 7, 2009 at 8:32 pm •

Holidays have passed
Except for my birthday, tomorrow
Today is my last day to be 34
It’s been a great year, top to bottom
35 sounds good, I’m happy, thankful
To have made it this far
So I head out at 5 a.m., for the first time this year
Feels like a Detroit kind of day
Been away, more or less, for weeks
Swirl of holiday parties, relatives visited, friends cheered,
given & opened.
And now, back here in my real life,
Return to the weekly things I’ve enjoyed
It’s good to be back
It’s a great time in Detroit
Familiar places – Showcase Collectibles & Antiques
In the mistakenly dreaded Cass Corridor
COTS homeless shelter .. friendly people as always,
A sense of hope?
New year, new politics just a couple weeks away?
Motor City Casino no longer blinks a Christmas
Bright red white & green
But instead, the red white & blue
Gas station – I invest $20 of the Christmas $
On a pile of scratchoff lottery tickets
Better luck in the new year? We’ll see
Um … On 14 tickets, I won – get this – 13 bucks
How “lucky” is that?
Mudgie’s Sandwich Shop, where the owner
If he sees me when I drop by
Heckles me about taking his old copies for recycling
It’s early still, unsalted sidewalk & icy conditions ..
And yeah, I go down. On my ass. Sideways.
Guess that’s what the padding’s for.
Back wrenched, I whine & hobble back to the truck
Stupid Mudgie’s, anyway
Young Builder’s Detroit, where a good friend
Wayne State colleague, started a new teaching job
This week. Farewell & best of luck, my friend!
Brooklyn Street Grill – Eva’s not there
She quit, first of the year. Dog with cancer,
“Family issues.” Man. Really liked getting to know her.
New Brittany, nice girl who lives downtown
In The Leland above City Club
“Do they allow dogs?” I ask.
“Do you like living there?”
“Yeah,” she says, “and they’re cheap.
See you at City Club sometime?”
Maybe. Thought I was years past that,
But you never know.
Casey’s Bar, ah. Been too long since I took a
Coffee+ break there.
(+ = bailey’s irish cream)
After a few weeks I’d rushed through this stop,
Got back on the road
Trusty friend Mark is there.
“Hello kiddo,” he says. “Coffee? Bailey’s?”
Of course he’s a guy that calls you “kiddo.”
Yes. And a happy new year to you too.
Already talking about St. Pat’s Day plans
Parade on Sunday
The big day on Tuesday
Sgt. McAfee, U.S. Border Patrol, comes in to join
The early morning neighborhood gossip session
(Of course he’s named McAfee)
And leaves as I do,
With a belly full of free friendly liquid Irish warmth
Breakfast break in the truck, banana & muffins
Parked at the curb in Mexicantown
While I enjoy this tiny caffeine & bailey’s buzz
Just a few stops to go
New year is going fine so far
Feeling good
Looking forward
To the next chapter.


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