Frigid Edition

Posted November 19, 2008 at 8:31 pm •

Truck full of newsprint smell
First really cold morning of the year
Blood warms at 5 a.m.
To hot coffee & an on-the-job workout
85 paper bundles, 2,125 issues
As I load them, my truck runs heat on high
Toasts my feet when I get back in
Ready to go.
A memory: early morning toasty feet
Another warm truck
My father’s “Power Wagon,” his CB handle
Big green monster of a thing
Sleeping in, meant 6 a.m.
He’d get up at 5
I’d be half awake, lying there on the bed
Or on the couch, nights he’d allow me
What for a kid was an exciting change of pace
Listening to the sounds of him making breakfast
Smells of sausage and eggs frying
Fresh hot coffee
WJR news talk 760 on the radio

Back in the now
Masonic Temple
Gorgeous, scary, cavernous place
Homeless guy wedged into the revolving door
Trying to keep warm, just like me
Well, not exactly.
At least he has a great sleeping bag
One of those “good to 40 below” kinds
Guess some richer person didn’t want it
Maybe donated it
At least he’s sheltered from the wind
730, getting light, starting to snow
15 stops to go.


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