Morning Edition

Posted October 22, 2008 at 8:19 pm ·

Frost on the truck, 1st time this year.
Erica’s sick too, was all through week off
That sucks! Feeling better.
On the road to detroit by 5:05
Blueberry bunny story on podcast. So great.
Homeless guy at bus stop on Grand River
Left him some candy from the stash
Corner of Michigan Avenue and Trumbull
1/4 of Tiger Stadium still there
Just standing. Waiting. For what?
Candlebox coming to town on 11/29, Blondie’s Bar. Hmm.
Back to podcasts
Peter Lorre in Black Seagull!
Love Retro Radio
Gotta buy a copy of
Arsenic & Old Lace
He was the greatest
Brooklyn Street Grill – got there right @ 7
Just when Eva is pulling up in her van
Just like last week
Same time, same place
“Good morning honey, how are you?”
She’s sick too, & asthmatic to boot.
“See you next week, take care.”
Mercury Bar’s finally reopened!
Michigan near the train station
It looks really gorgeous, totally cool
730 am, and done. Here comes the sun.


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