How About Love?

Good morning, Sun’s about to come up. Enjoy your Showtunes Wednesday.


Living + The Machine

I was going to type these notes up.

And then I realized, that defeats the purpose contained therein.

More Living, after a day of Dancing with the Machine.

So. I photographed the journal pages, written this afternoon after work.

Words into pictures? Yes.

Did I cheat by using yet another machine? Perhaps.

Anyway, clicking the shutter beats more typing.

I’ve Been Away For Too Long


Well, both Chris Cornell and I, that is. Last night, I finally saw Soundgarden, and one of my favorite singers in any genre. As if that weren’t cool enough, a great friend I hadn’t seen for three years came back home from North Carolina, just for the occasion. Tonight, I finally returned to singing in a choir, after too many busy years. The director is fun, the folks are friendly, and the musical selection makes me giddy. Words don’t quite cut it for how I’m feeling today. So, please enjoy this simple visual illustration. And also, enjoy finding your own pink and purple heart feeling.

I’m a Bagel on a Plate Full of Onion Rolls

funny girlFor my Monday afternoon viewing pleasure. The classic 1968 screen version of Funny Girl, Starring Barbra Streisand, and directed by William Wyler.

1968 was such a great year in American film history – one which birthed many of my favorites. Within four months, Funny Girl, Night of the Living Dead, and Rosemary’s Baby (among many others) were released and flourished, after the official 1967 demise of the oppressive Hays Production Code. After decades of dictating to American film audiences what they could or couldn’t see onscreen, it was time for the old code to step aside, and make way for a new exciting era in American film. As Barbra’s first film role, Funny Girl was just one small but important part of that shift.