Showtunes Wednesday



Snow Pause


No more loose buttons on my coat.

I’d forgotten just how much I like to sew.

Come on, snow day. Ready to be snowed in.

Those loose buttons? Wouldn’t linger more than a day or two in my mother’s house. They stayed for nearly four months in mine. Three more little mending tasks added up to a solid hour of pricking my fingers, and biting thread with my teeth. Although I’m not a serious seamstress like mom (as if my technique didn’t give it away), it’s unlike me to let something sit in the to-do pile for so long.

Why did I leave these little chores for so long? Laziness? (sometimes). Distraction? (ditto). But, no, not this time. The answer came to me in an unexpected way, this evening. Inside during some quiet time, and a late-winter snowstorm. While I was sewing, with mind wandering, I remembered.

Four months ago, I stood outside in the cold rain. Wednesday night in October. Crying while mom told me it was time to schedule her heart surgery. That night, my world stopped. Paused? I’m not exactly sure how to describe it. But it’s all much easier to write about now. Now, that mom’s almost three months into recovery, in physical therapy, and doing very well.

Tonight, I finally understood why I’d put off those little sewing projects. It wasn’t deliberate. Sewing for me has such a close connection to mom that I just didn’t feel like doing it. But tonight, it felt good. Comforting and familiar. Very much like home. I sewed and pricked my finger (several times, actually) and thought of my mom, safe and warm at home tonight.

Funny what a little blizzard can do.

Island Night

Red Beans and Rice with a Side of 1800 Coconut Tequila

Red Beans and Rice with a Side of 1800 Coconut Tequila (and Margarita Crystal Light)

So assuming you want the FOOD recipe .. the drink is so simple a drunk could make it.

Brown about a lb chorizo with onions and green peppers (I usually use reg chorizo, but tried soy this time and it’s good too ..)

Add either two cans beans or your choice, or about 2 cups dried beans (soaked, etc)

Once the chorizo/onions are browned, add a couple cups hot water. you may add more later if the rice still needs more cooking.

Add either a large can of tomato sauce, or salsa of your choice. be generous. also, cumin and/or salt to your taste. I also add a lot of Frank’s. depends on how spicy you like it.

Let it simmer while you drink. Get a little buzz on and stir it every 10 min or so. The whole process takes about 45 min/hour. longer if you keep drinking.

Stir it up, and enjoy! A little sour cream or cheese is nice, if you like. It’s also even better with a little oil, pan-fried the next couple days.