Radio Silence

Joy of Zen has become … silent. Or, gone silent?

Over two weeks without a single post. Even of the “here’s a link” variety. Might be a record.

Part of this has been living a largely offline existence. Part of it also has been pouring my writing energies into other things. Other exciting, absorbing, sometimes maddening things.

This is good. Saving up my mental energy for writing that’s beyond just daily blogging or general, random observations about my world.

And besides, what does a zen practitioner write about when they’re not feeling all that zen?

And what does that term mean, exactly, anyway?

We know it when we feel it.

That internal peace, that calm that makes life seem beautiful. Even the smallest daily detail glows with interest and promise.

When we’re not feeling that way? It feels ..



That same old, same old. Even though it all is, essentially – the same.

It’s something every living creature must experience from time to time.

And, if we’re lucky or particularly strong – we can pull ourselves back out of it.

So, it’s time.

To renew, again.

Leave past successes, pleasures, and moments behind.

Look forward to those we experience each moment, and those that will delight us again in the future.

Every day, every moment.

The ever present – now.

In writing, in breathing, thinking, eating, living – all the “-ings” I do, and we all do, everyday.

To misquote my beloved Elvis Costello – No More Radio Silence, From Now On.