To Market, To Market


And, on I go.

This is the first of what I imagine will be a series of posts, on my ongoing job search.

Ugh. I said it, and I got nauseous.

Job search. <bluuuuurgh>

Yes. At 39, after 20 years and many successes, many jobs, and many different hats, I am again to market, to market.

I’m not so happy about it. Like a poor spouse pushed out of a marriage they still want, I am back out there without my consent. Laid off, kicked to the curb, politely asked to suck it up and leave, or simply just finding it time to leave both of my formerly beloved jobs. One bit of news about state funding cuts even arrived in an impersonal mass email, to English instructors at the major research university, at which I taught for 12 years. Went to grad school there. Lived and loved and thought maybe, just maybe, I’d be an exception to the rule for contingent Liberal Arts faculty. As if being creative enough, passionate enough, committed enough could make a difference. I wanted to believe it, for so many reasons.

Silly me.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,” the email read.

Really. As a fiction writer, I wouldn’t make that up. It would be too ridiculous.

So, here I am, a wanderer on an undesired path, caught without gainful employment at a time in my life when I’d like to be savoring it all. But as we all know, especially in recent times, none of us are really entitled to that. Or, so it seems at times, much of anything when it comes to a relatively secure, meaningful place in the economic world.

And so today, on I go. On down this stupid, undesired, ridiculous road. It will be quite an adventure, I’m sure.

Step One, today:

(1) Registered for state unemployment agency, and job search database.
~ Fields: Arts and Entertainment, Education and Training, Communications and Marketing

Oh my god. Now that I’ve typed it out it all seems so straightforward and simple, but it was quite a trying process to complete. I have worked a hell of a lot in the past 20 years. Worn so many hats, done so many different things (all of them, more or less, really successfully). And yet, here I am.

Keeping intact:

(1) Sense of Humor and Perspective

(2) Self Respect and Dignity

(3) Courage to Try for a Non-Crappy Job

(4) Desire for a Good Beer and Some Levity at the End of the Day.

It’s been a long first day. So, now it’s Miller Time. Or, more correctly, Sam Adams time.

Cheers. <bluuuuurgh>


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