Just For The Record

Today’s job search/submission activities. Don’t ever say I’m not motivated and hard-working, or creative in my approach to this strange and lovely place I find myself, mid-career and soaring toward mid-life.

Beyond feeling at this moment just really tired of looking for work, and not actually just working, the list below pretty much covers my major marketable skills. Throw in a paid photography gig and some kick-ass event and party planning, and you’d have it. So. Just trying to keep covering all the bases.


* Two applications in for online teaching,
hours spent researching and networking and marketing and planning and plotting.

* One application in for a local daily News Editor. Bonus.
News hiring is rare, indeed – and particularly in one of my locations of choice.

* One application in for a groundskeeper job, with a local private residence.


Hey, I sing and dance too. Just in case you were wondering.


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