Thoughts on a Job Interview’s Eve

Hey Gen-Xers,

And job searchers,

And new graduates,

And old timers,

(And others who also may be wondering what the hell’s gone wrong),

It’s crazy.

This anxious stressy mess that’s trying to take over our lives.

The worries of where, when, what. Why?

The next jobs, next paychecks, next glimmers of hope that things will be alright.

Take heart.

We’re smart,

We’ve worked hard,

And we shall overcome.

Just like those who came before.

The ones who raised us, worried for us,

And hoped for a better world for all.

It’s still a dream that most of us share.

And that dream is enough, just to keep the fire alive.

Just keeping it together,

Piece by piece,

And finding love in life is a victory.

Remember what’s important,

Don’t forget who you are,

And somehow, someday soon,

We’ll realize that everything’s been alright,

All along.


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