.. brains .. brains .. brains ..

Okay, five-a.m.-wake-ups.

I give.

I’m toast.

I am …..


Four hours of sleep
Two nights in a row
Does not a smart teacher make,

Let alone, student, writer, dog-mom,
Or just general human being.

Although it’s cool to be zombiefied –
At least in this season –
At least in the freaky fun Night of the Living Dead sense,

This is ….

Not. So. Very. Cool.

Wobbling through the morning with sore muscles,
Cranky fuzzy balls for eyes,
And mush for brains?

.. brains .. brains .. brains ..


So, I give up, five a.m.
Today, you win.

Thank GOD I have this afternoon off from my third class.

Is this why high school teachers LOVE the “in-service”?

I’m guessing so.

Signing off.

Checking out.

‘Til the ‘morrow.

Time to go find this walking zombie some …

.. brains .. brains .. brains ..


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