Hand-on-HeadThinking is good, thinking is good …

Except when it’s not.

When is it not?

Some food for .. unthought:



Creative: Working For a Living

creative-paint-brushesNEED. WANT?


Today’s random thoughts, RE: living and working in the arts.

~ It’s been REALLY, really challenging to carve out a good solid living in creative fields, even more so for the past three years or so. What I felt (hoped?) would improve post-2010 or so, has continued to decline and slide.

~ This continued decline in opportunities may in fact be the result of a very simple thinking process.   What we:

NEED in human society,

What we WANT,

And what we are ABLE to feasibly support,

Is continually evolving.

So, for example –

That we NEEDED writing and art teachers, creative performers and thinkers 20 years ago,

And now it seems that we NEED fewer and fewer all the time, at lower rates of pay and dwindling opportunities,

Just reflects the squeezing and tightening that’s been happening in so many fields, areas and disciplines in recent years.

What previously was perceived as a NEED,

Gets demoted to a WANT –

And that leads to that service/product being labelled as possibly disposable.



Is this a depressing thought?


Do I know yet what I’ll do with this theory?


Do I feel better, for having exercised my creative rights, and drafted it out as this joyofzen post?

Indeed, yes.

Oh lordy, yes.

Thank you for reading folks.

Now, on to other, more important business for now –


Learn to just hang out. Wherever it is you are.

Good stuff from here:

Learn to just hang out. Wherever it is you are. 

Take a day. An hour. A lunch break. Stop with the planning and action-stepping and self-help reading and just chill. Don’t check e-mail. Don’t look for a solution. Turn it off. Whatever it is. It will still be there. Just take a pause and breathe. Because then the real pauses will feel a lot easier and familiar.