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Life's a Beach 7


Grand River – bits and pieces

Nothing much stuck since I left this place. Jobs, relationships, most of it turned out to be temporary. Well, everything is anyway, right? Those spots were exciting and well-paying at times, yes, but transient like me. I didn’t exactly plan it that way, but I was always restless. Often looking for the next best thing. Sometimes I left the good thing for a better thing, which turned out to be nothing. No matter. On to the next, the next, the next.

Until being broke landed me back here. Right where I began.


“If the web is strong enough – the tree, I mean – the birds can hang loose. Be free and experiment, you know? They have a nest to go back into. So they take bigger chances, shoot for higher things. They’re not like those poor worried little birds who study accounting and end up in some life-sucking desk job. They buy a house in the suburbs, pop out a coupla kids, and WHAMMO, they’re set for life. Except now they’re restless. They start poking around on craigslist for whatever, and before you know it, their little family is on the nightly news. Backyard barbecue brawl or whatever, some other horrible shit. Is that what you wanted for your life? Is it?”


Maybe this is what people meant when they’d say most things don’t last, most things don’t stick. Remember the things that are important. Like what? Like family? Sure, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts, if you’re lucky, like it or not.