Lucky In (Grandma) Love

GMAI can’t even begin to describe the beauty I see in my Grandma Thelma Kelsey’s face. We hung out last night watching the new PBS Bing Crosby Special, and had a blast. I love it when she says things like “I never did like that movie,” and I know she’s talking about when she went to the theater in Milan (like 60 or 70 years ago). She’s outspoken and super-smart but so quiet sometimes in groups, that not that many people ever know it. But we do – all of us who are lucky enough to call her Grandma, Mom, Sister, Aunt.

Saw her over Thanksgiving too, and I STILL am missing her today. More Grandma time soon. Certainly lucky in (Grandma) love.



  1. Hi Joy! I definitely need to spend more time with your blog; I LOVE it! ‘Specially this post about your dear Grandma Thelma! So heartwarming. Miss you girl! Hope you’re going to the RFDs tonight : )

  2. thank ya darlin!! well, I need to spend more time with my blog too! ah, the life of a free wi-fi loving blogger. Miss you too girl. Thanks for the sweet b-day gifts, love em! Yours will be on their way soon too. love and big hugs from the mitten!

    PS – we lazed out on the RFDs, catch em next time

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