A Pretty Good Year

Everyone’s doing their year-in-review posts today, so I feel compelled to join in. But unsure where to start.

Over here, ’14 was one of those years that takes you on one hell of a roller coaster ride and kind of dumps you out on the other side, for better or worse. This time, it certainly was for the better. And I thought turning 40 might be .. boring. So yes, first I turned 40. Survived the polar vortex. Lost a dear family member, and made a few great new friends. Moved after the thaw – twice. Sang cabaret numbers and many concerts with the awesome Belleville Chorus folks. Crocheted my dad a birthday afghan. Went to the cabin. Tracked Dad’s glorious road trip to Alaska and back. Planted a garden. Welcomed a new baby nephew. Spent the summer outdoors, in the country, and drew comics. Read and wrote, wrote & read. Did landscaping work. Picked some weeds. Played with my nephews. Wrote a summer Christmas carol for our choir (what?). Went to the cabin. Tried to teach five good groups of college folks how to trust their own voices. Picked more weeds. Sang, sang, sang, and then sang some more. Laid plans for even more of that, to come. Lived & stayed in love, with my three companions (one human, two canine). Practiced gratitude for family & friends, love & health, that gets us through it all.

So I’d say, yes. That was a pretty, pretty good year. Happy 2015, and cheers to many, many more.


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