(First Post High School) High School Musical

I get the feeling

That in every high school play

There’s a freshman girl

Who: thinks she’s a senior

Who: wipes off her red lipstick

Even though she’s in a trio, a girl group

And her lips pale to those of two sidekicks.

Who: re-wraps her headscarf

Around her head

Not under the wig’s hair

Like the other Ronettes

So that she looks like a pirate

Or a Jet or a Shark,

Trashing her wig

Every night.

Only the tiny blonde cute choreographer

Can get her to concede

To her beauty advice.

Or another:

A girl who fights off

Getting a bouffant

Though her natural locks are more Lady Godiva

Than Little Shop of Horrors

I get the feeling that springtime musicals with teens

Are always that much

Exasperating fun.

Oh teenage moods.

Can’t wait to be over,

And so sad, so soon it will end.


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