Zen / Not Zen

How do I deal with those days when not feeling all that “zen”?

Usually, my first defense is just to wait it out. Do something to distract my body and mind until the feeling passes. Sometimes it’s just chemical.

The difference between zen bliss and nothingness can be a small shift.

A feeling of emptiness and worry, replaced by attention to something worthwhile.

A beam of sunlight, a loved one’s face. The dog sitting in your lap and begging for attention.

A realization that yes, everything is just fine, doing okay, right in this moment.

Then another moment comes, and another. And though you’re not “zenned out,” you’re fine.

Helps to relax. Breathe. Accept that it’s impossible to feel right on, all the time.

Take a nap?


Just zone out.

Appreciate the pleasures of the moment.

Appreciate the gifts of the not-so-pleasurable realities of the moment.

Whatever I need to do, to get past it, and just remember that it all

Keeps moving on

Keep going on

No matter what,

And I need to just let it



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