Holiday Phone

So, if you type the word “YORK”
Into your alphanumeric phone,
It sounds like this:
“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way …”


Wee hints …

… That go back to bed
Was a better option
Than go to work
Two bottles of same nail polish,
You have
The goopy one
You choose
A clean scarf you need
It’s very cold
Fresh from the dryer
But no: last night’s laundry
A twisted wreck of sailor’s knots
Time’s a tickin’
Old scarf it is
Meds, you need?
Quick stop at the pharm
Ready to show
New insurance card
“Not ’til next year!” they coo
Um, hmm.
Feels like a new year,
Can’t come quite soon enough.
Back to bed,
Or off to work?
You decide.