Forever 79

Sometimes you think a relative’s turning 80 ..
For a whole year before their birthday.
And you grab them “80”-themed candles
When you see them months before.
And you’re grateful when another relative
Points out he’s just turning 79
Three days before his birthday.
Is it like being eternally 29 or something??
Here’s to looking forward to his 80th for another year!

Kind Soul

And then there comes a day

When you owe your soul

To a kind woman who blurted out,

“Hey! Hey! Pull your dress down in the back!”

Thereby rescuing you

From an undesired panty-view

Amongst your 24 students ❤

Right In The Heart

Some are just normal Mondays. 

Then there are those that come up 

And slap you in the heart 

In the best and worst possible ways 

They start out simply enough,

But sneak right up on you.

If you’re a “put love & fun out there” 

Kind of person

It’s not always coming back at you 

And that’s okay 

It’s kind of the point, in fact 

But on a day when you have 

An expensive surprise car repair 

And way too many other things to do

And the kind of evening 

When you NEED chorus practice 

Most weeks you like it a lot

Often you love it 

But this week you NEED it. 

And you remember that earlier today

Two of your beloved ones 

Did you such favors,

Showed you such kindnesses,

Without a thought.

You walk your dogs in the darkness,

And see a setting crescent moon.

Then you get home and in the mail 

Is something so incredibly dear.

Handmade. Heartfelt. 

And it gets you right there

Like in a bull’s-eye. 

And you cry like a fussy,

Love-starved baby. 

And it feels really really good. 

Then drift off to sweet dreams, 

To wake up and start it all again


Early Fall Highlight Reel

Two highlights:

Of a dear relative’s fun visit 

On my day off. 

First: enjoying a fall afternoon

Snacking on pumpkin and apple desserts 

Watching chipmunks stuff cheekfuls 

Full to bursting with sunflower seeds 

We left on the patio. 

Second: having said dear relative

Innocently comment

On a lovely “green tea” scent

In apartment building hallway